Questions and Answers on How to Do Roadworthy / Safety Inspections in Queensland


How Can i do Roadworthy Safety Inspections RWC in Queensland ?

To Perform a Roadworthy Safety Inspection in Queensland you must be Approved by TMR / Department of Main Roads and Transport to be an Approved Examiner AE and have an Approved Inspection Station AIS or be Linked to an AIS. AIS_Services provides the AIS to you at very low cost, Call now to Discuss Further.

What Qualifications do i need to become an Approved Examiner / Roadworthy Person ??

To be become an Approved Examiner you must be a Qualified Mechanic and or Diesel Mechanic and have relevant industry experience. As part of AIS_Services we can help with a step by step guide on applying for this qualification.

Do i need an Approved Inspection Station to become a Mobile Approved Examiner AE ??

Yes, every Approved Examiner must be linked to an Approved Inspection Station. AIS_Services provides the AIS to many Approved Examiners. This cost effective service enables you to perform Roadworthys without the overheads of a Shed and the Hours of Paperwork ensuring your AIS compliance is up to Date.

Is there a Training Course to become an Approved Examiner ??

TMR does not require you to perform any training before being Approved to Become an AE, however AIS_Services Recommends on the job Training and this is a Service we Offer. For more information Please Call to Discuss

What Tools do I Need to Perform a Roadworthy ??

Basic General Tools are need along with a Jack, Stands and small selection of Speciality Tools. AIS_Services will ensure you are geared up with the Right Equipment. We have been in the Business and Know the Most Cost Effective and Time Saving Tools on the Market. Generally if you have the Basic Tools we can Gear you up with the Speciality tools for around the $1200.

Why Use AIS_Services ???

Simple, AIS_Services saves you time and Money !!! We Provide you the AIS for 1 small fee per Roadworthy. The Cost of Renting a Commercial Shed along with the extra costs of Rates / Insurance / Power ect. is very high, not to mention the hours you need to put in to ensure your AIS continues to Comply to the Business Rules. We have been in the Game for many years so can provide the right training and tools to ensure you perform Roadworthy Safety Certificates to the Guidelines First Time and Everytime.

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